Marilyn Monroe - Philip K.Dick

December 28, 2013

Marilyn Monroe - Philip K.Dick

Philip K.Dick
With different narrative instruments, the author and the director start by determining what Eric Henriet invites “the point of precise divergence” from which the history changed. Thus, in the film of Lee, it is the incrustation of false stock-shot, color sepia, which plays this part. From the start, the question of credibility, with the eyes of the public concerned, is determining. It is necessary that this “point of divergence” is sufficiently consensual to be effective.
The Man in the high Castle, 1962

The Cannes Film Festival 2012 - Official poster of Marilyn Monroe


This photograph of a certain Marilyn Monroe, introduced as a famous star — whereas no one did not intend any to speak. Time out of joint, 1959 - Philip K.Dick

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