Louis Maistre 1862-1948

January 5, 2014

 Louis Maistre

Louis Maistre in his workshop 1920

Great-grandfather of Christian Comte

Student of Magaud and Cabanel ,he is professor  of the Art Schools of Marseille at 20 years.
Director of the Art Schools of Marseille in 1913.

Close friend of Ziem, Moutte, of Barret, of Monticelli, painter of scene of kind, 
it is in the portrait that it gave the measurement of his genius.

 Louis Maistre in his workshop (Oil on canvas 1881)

Black man painting by Louis Maistre

Louis Maistre - 4 self-portraits 

Digital Reconstruction by Christian Comte

Genesis of a masterpiece

6 drawings by Louis Maistre

Painting by Louis Maistre

Digital Reconstruction by Christian Comte


Pablo Picasso

January 4, 2014

Pablo Picasso by Christian Comte

Self-portrait Picasso (old)
Oil on canvas

Old Picasso by Christian Comte
(Sculpture en pierre et os)

2 expressions de Picasso utilisées pour le film

Picasso in a fiction
Digital reconstruction by Christian Comte


Photographs of the painting 
at various stages of realization by Dora Maar

Digital Reconstruction by Christian Comte


Jésus Christ

January 2, 2013


Drawing Christian Comte

Le Saint-Suaire 3D

Descendant from Louis Maistre (1892-1948) and Paul Comte (1913-1939) both artists Christian Comte (1966) carves wood and molds clay in the hills of Provence. In 1996 Paul Ricard notices his sacred art work and purchases from made from olive tree wood to be a carved Christ exposed in « Ste Cécile des Embiers's chapell ».

 Christ exposed in « Ste Cécile des Embiers's chapell »
3 x 2 métres)

Carved Christ
4 sculpturs by Christian Comte

Digital Reconstruction by Christian Comte


Vaslav Nijinsky

January 1, 2013

L'Après-Midi d'un Faune

Vaslav Nijinsky photographed by Baron De Meyer

A movement from 3 photographs (1912)

Digital Reconstruction by Christian Comte

Ramana Maharshi 1879 - 1950

January 1,  2014

Ramana Maharshi 
1879 - 1950

Rare footage Ramana

2 photographs of Ramana

Ramana - Shiva
Digital Reconstruction by Christian Comte

Marilyn Monroe - Philip K.Dick

December 28, 2013

Marilyn Monroe - Philip K.Dick

Philip K.Dick
With different narrative instruments, the author and the director start by determining what Eric Henriet invites “the point of precise divergence” from which the history changed. Thus, in the film of Lee, it is the incrustation of false stock-shot, color sepia, which plays this part. From the start, the question of credibility, with the eyes of the public concerned, is determining. It is necessary that this “point of divergence” is sufficiently consensual to be effective.
The Man in the high Castle, 1962

The Cannes Film Festival 2012 - Official poster of Marilyn Monroe


This photograph of a certain Marilyn Monroe, introduced as a famous star — whereas no one did not intend any to speak. Time out of joint, 1959 - Philip K.Dick

John Galliano - Kate Moss

November 28, 2013

UK Vogue December 2013


John Galliano - Kate Moss

" One designer whose work has always been informed by a richness of imagination and history is John Galliano, who acts as a guest fashion editor this month with his favourite model Kate Moss (…)"  Vogue December 2013 

" The scene is set. I lean into Kate's ear.
«  Can you keep a secret? » She is charged, the berry stains on her perfect mouth and like a butterfly she alights and hovers into the perfect position, feeling and finding her light.
Mahaaaaaaajhooooooooor shapes.
Then she leaves the set, looks through his camera, sizes up the set and mentally crops the picture.
I am now feeling so much love in this studio that it takes me back. Her only script is the dress she's wearing." John Galliano - Vogue December 2013 

 Vogue British Décembre 2013 - Photographie Tim Walker 

John Galliano - Kate Moss 
Vidéo Christian Comte - Musique Le Pavillon d'Armide Nicolaï Tcherepnine
 - Oh my Gosh, what is this? Is there more? Where do i find it?

 Vogue British Décembre 2013 - Photographie Tim Walker 

John Galliano - Kate Moss
Vidéo Christian Comte - Musique Carnaval Robert Schumann

 Vogue British Décembre 2013 - Photographie Tim Walker 

John Galliano - Kate Moss - Vaslav Nijinsky
Vidéo Christian Comte - Musique L'Après-Midi d'un Faune Claude Debussy
Rencontre improbable 1912

Making off Collection Spring Summer 1999 - John Galliano
Inspiré des Ballets Russes

Un mouvement de la seconde Nymphe Henriette Maicherska avec Nijinsky
L'Après-Midi d'un Faune
Reconstitution Christian Comte